Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Let's Party! today we are DONE with this class and can celebrate!

Today we will start off with creating a festival atmosphere. Katie will bring some foods and some drink and we can toast each other as we go around and look at everyone's final posters.

We will spend as much time doing this as we need to! THINK FUN!

Then we will debrief a bit (still with food and drink) about what is available in PROTOTYPE today: all this is complete today as prototype: that is to say, offering visions of possibilities that could have emerged, might yet emerge or not, and that working on has offered as experiences we can build on ourselves, and with each other.

We will finish when things are done, and after that Katie can stay as long as necessary to talk to anyone about anything they would like to consult about. No office hours after this class, so this is your last chance to consult with her, this term, this year, this whatever!

Today I, Katie, am celebrating this class and its accomplishments! with much appreciation. this is the final graduate course I will have taught in my 30 years in this department.

What a wonderful way to go out! I am thrilled to share today with you all -- so glad it has been with each of you in particular! I hope my appreciation of each of you has been clear all along and bubbles over today!