Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Marvelous Stank

=NOTICE THAT NEXT WEEK, Katie will be out of town, and you all will meet in a WORKSHOP on posters and website.
=THE FOLLOWING WEEK IS OUR LAST CLASS: our poster sessions and our website goes live.

3 May -- <poster & website workshop> Katie out of town
10 May -- <poster session> COMING TOGETHER AND APART: everything due.

Wednesday 29 April, Marvelous Stank Matters 

Stallings, p. 134, quotes character in Butler's Fledgling: "Do you love me, Shori, or do I just taste good? (139) "Butler's heroine forces readers to see that the social construct of time fabricates orientation as much as sex or gender." 

• Stallings. 2015. Funk the Erotic. Illinois
• Marcus. 2015. Self-Care for Activists. Mocana.
• Neff. 2015. Self-Compassion. William Morrow.
• Neff Companion website:  

PRESENTERS: Hagen, Lundy-Harris & Aftab, Knowles

>>ON ARRIVAL: Attendance Portraits

• 3:45: PRESENTATION led by Hagen, Lundy-Harris
• 4:05: DISCUSSION until break at 4:45

From Marcus:

From Neff's website:  


>>BREAK @ 4:45

• 5: STALLINGS LED SYNTHESIS created by Aftab, Knowles
DISCUSSION on ALL materials in order to entangle thoroughly everything.

From Wakeford, N. 2015. "Don't Go All the Way: Revising 'Misplaced Concretism.'" In Bowker et al. Boundary Objects and Beyond: Working with Leigh Star. MIT. pp. 69-83. 

p. 82: "The Method toolkit incorporates other elements, woven into an argument in which understandings of marginality and multiplicity function together.

"First, we must think of 'communities of practice' in so far as they link together actions, people and artifacts. Second, we have to find the 'boundary objects' and the work of translation and communication between communities of practice. Third, we should consider 'borderlands' and 'monsters.' She [Leigh Star in essay on 'Misplaced Concretism'] offers the following explanation: 'A monster occurs when an object refuses to be naturalized. A borderland occurs when two communities of practice co-exist in one person.'

"The argument is explicitly about relationality." 

[refers to Star, S.L. 1994. "Misplaced Concretism and Concrete Situations." Gender-Nature-Culture Feminist Research Network Working Paper 11. Odense University, Denmark.]